Notes from an Attic

If you hear strange noises in the attic … then it's probably me!

About this site
I’ve created this website ‘Notes from an Attic’ to share my love of contemporary Irish/Scottish traditional music. I play tin whistle, guitar, keyboard and ukulele and make my own recordings using GarageBand on an iPad. My recording studio is in an attic room of my home, hence the title of this website.
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In my attic room

Celtic music
Find out a bit more about ITM (Irish Traditional Music).

Play along with me
Fancy playing a few Irish tunes yourself? Play along with me to a selection of popular reels and jigs and have access to the written sheet music.

My Attic Recordings
Hear some of my own recent recordings and pick up some tips about using Garageband if you're interested in making your own recordings.
Betty's Kitchen is the band I played with for several years. Click here to hear (and feel free to download) their recordings.

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