Notes from an Attic

Castledawson (2006)

Kate Sayer: keyboard, English concertina, vocals
Sheila Kelley: fiddle, bodhran, vocals
Andy Gotts: mandolin, guitar
Alan Graham: whistles, guitar, vocals
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  1. Corporal AB
  2. Outlaws Sung by Sheila
  3. Rector at the Feis
  4. Jizaique + Les Poules Huppés
  5. Rosie Finn's Favourite + Kid on the Mountain
  6. Long Long Note
  7. Bridget Donaghue Sung by Alan, harmony Kate
  8. Castledawson
  9. Red Bee
  10. Roly Gentle + Tender Trap
  11. Hollybush
  12. Moon over Bourbon Street Sung by Kate
  13. O'Carolan's Welcome + Heaton Chapel + Turkey in the Straw
  14. Swinging Safari + Zambesi

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