Notes from an Attic

Just for Badness (2003)

Kate Sayer: keyboard, vocals
Sheila Kelley: fiddle, bodhran, vocals
Andy Gotts: mandolin, guitar, whistle, vocals
Alan Graham: whistles, guitar, vocals
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  1. Scully Casey's + The Butlers of Glen Avenue
  2. Clohinne Winds Sung by Sheila, harmony Kate
  3. Women of Ireland
  4. The Miller of Drohan
  5. Take her in yer Arms Sung by Alan, harmony Kate
  6. Da Day Dawn + The Road to Cashel
  7. Innion ni Scannlain
  8. January Man Sung by Kate
  9. Si Bheag Si Mor
  10. Gwernogle Composed by Joe Sayer
  11. Tabhair Dom do Lamh
  12. Return from Fingle
  13. Hit the Road Jack + East of Wisbech
  14. The Parting Glass

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