Notes from an Attic

My Attic Recordings
Since 2019 I've been excited to be using GarageBand for making musical recordings. It is a fantastic app – free on both Mac and iPad. I have been using the iPad version as it seems to offer a few more features that I find useful.

The tracks on the player below, entitled Attic '20, are a work in progress. It contains (will contain) tunes that I've recorded during 2020 in my attic using GarageBand on an iPad.
Below Attic '20 is the album Attic '19, which I recorded in 2019.

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Screenshot of an iPad recording in progress

Attic '20 (ongoing)
  1. Donogh and Mike's From 'Merry Sisters of Fate' by Lúnasa (pictured)
  2. Emma and Jamie's Emma and Jamie's Wedding by John McCusker (pictured): from the Yella Hoose album.
  3. Marcos Llope + Forest Baby Written by Brian Finnegan (pictured)
  4. Strathview + Niel Gow's Wife Strathview (pictured) composed by Julia Banks. Niel Gow's Wife composed by Niel Gow. Both are Strathspeys.
  5. Rosie's Reel Composed by Kevin Crawford of Lúnasa.

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Attic '19
  1. Reel for Rubik + Toward the Sun Composed by Brian Finnegan
  2. Calendar Boys Composed by John McCusker
  3. Joe's House + Charlie Joe's House composed by Colin Farrell. Charlie composed by Andy Cutting.
  4. The Chandelier + Anne Lacey's Two great reels composed by Liz Carroll.
  5. Sheila's Reel Composed by Alan Graham
  6. Cartwheel Reel Composed by Alan Graham
  7. Leaving Friday Harbour Composer: John McCusker

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Music scores (Attic '19)
1a. Reel for Rubik
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2. Calendar Boys
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3b. Charlie
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4b. Anne Lacey's
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6. Cartwheel Reel
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1b. Toward the Sun
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3a. Joe's House
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4a. The Chandelier
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5. Sheila's Reel
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7. Leaving Friday Harbour
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Betty's Kitchen
For a number of years, I was fortunate to be able to play with the Irish band, Betty's Kitchen. Click here to listen to the three albums we recorded.
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Hints and Tips on Using GarageBand

If you would like to use GarageBand yourself, click here on Using GarageBand for a range of tips and hints on making your own recordings.
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